Partner Program

What separates the Ninjacators Partner Program from the “Big Guys”.

Let’s face it. Most affiliate and partner programs in the trading industry ask you to do all the work — so they reap all the rewards. At Ninjacators we turn that on its head. Why? Because we’ve discovered, the better you treat your list and partners, the more everyone prospers.

That’s not all that makes the Ninjacator partner program unique

Size does not matter: Unlike others, you won’t be shunned because your list is too small. Only have 250, 500 or 1,000 people on your list? No problem. We’ll give you the same attention our partners with 50,000+ subscribers get.

Lifetime cookies / tracking: When you mail at least two of our offers a year to your list, you get credit for life on people from your list. No matter if they buy immediately from your campaign, or later through our store. Plus, every time they buy a different offer from us in the future you get paid — again.

Swipe emails and high converting sales pages: All our sales pages are proven to convert. When you send qualified traffic you can expect sales to happen. To help you succeed, we’ll even give you the same email sequences we send to our list that average 30% open rates and 20%+ click thrus.

Choose the way to work together that’s best for you.

Ninjacator Partner Program Benefits

Imagine, avoiding all the hullabaloo of running a campaign to get paid. Yes, you can choose from any of our 12+ bundles to offer your list. But if your members join our IOMC club, you’ll get paid on everything they ever purchase from our store without you sending a single email!

You also get:

  • Proven, high converting swipe emails and sales pages
  • Proven, high converting swipe emails and content to convert to the FREE Indicator of the month club – no sales but only content
  • 12 Bundles with price ranges from $147-$2500 dollars
  • Ability to do drip campaigns for specific indicators that fit your markets
  • Login to Partner Program Back office for full transparency of your campaigns and earnings

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