How To Activate Your Ninjacators Software

Please watch the video below or follow the step by step explanation on how to activate your Ninjacators Software

How to Activate your Ninjacators Software

1. Make sure the NinjaTrader program is closed.

2. Locate the Ninjacators Software Download File

3. Make sure you have your License key that was emailed to you available.

4. Double-Click the install file and start the install process.

5. You may see a window like you see below. Select “More Info” then click on “Run Anyway”.

6. You may see another Windows Installer window that asks if you want to install. Select Yes

7. When the install starts you will see a window that asks for your Email and License Key

7.1  Input the Email that you used to sign up with Ninjacators and the License Key that was emailed to you.

7.2 Click Next once you input your information.

8. The next window will ask for you to agree to the License terms and conditions. Please check the box and click Install.

9. After the install process is complete, click on Finish.

10. Once you click Finish, NinjaTrader will automatically reopen.

11. You are now ready to use your new Ninjacators Indicator!

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