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“New! Innovative 'Twist' To A 100-Yr-Old Predictive Stock Timing Signal Now Gives
E-Mini Futures Traders A $5,000/month
Side Income... From Just 1-3 Of These
Unique Trades A Day!”

Get alerted whenever these 3 predictive stock sequences appear

above or below any candle in your favorite E-mini market 1-3 times

a day, enter... and win 75% of the time! It's that simple!

Find out how this innovative 'twist' to a 100-yr-old predictive stock timing signal --- from 3 major stock indexes --- allows even lazy E-Mini Futures traders to win 75% of the time (just like we do)!

Dear Trading Friend,

How would you enjoy suddenly having a side income from your trading, as predictable as any direct deposit paycheck?

Enough to...

  • Tell your boss to take a hike if they even think of slashing your pay
  • Sleep like a blissful baby if you, or your spouse, ever lose your job
  • Get out of debt and leave money worries behind
  • Work less, play more, and be free to do what you want, when you want
  • Even double your account in months, instead of years

Then read on!...

Because I believe you’re going to LOVE how easily these E-mini predictive sequences can make it happen for you!

The Secret Lies In Who Sees This
Proven 100-Yr-Old Stock Timing Edge
In Your E-Mini Market -- First!
Here's the story:

Here's the story:

For the past 100 years, hedge funds, pro stock day traders, and now even algo traders... have stalked the results of one timing and trend calculation above all others...

The Advanced Decline Line Differential

In plain English -- it tells you the difference between the number of advancing and declining stocks during each session.

You've probably even seen a simplified version of this on sites like Yahoo Finance and Finviz a million times.

And never given it a second thought...

Until now.

So here's the million-dollar question every E-mini trader should be asking:

Why do pro stock day traders pay $5,000 a year to pipe these intraday advanced-decline differentials into their charts?

And why are gangs of advanced-decline line algo-traders running dozens of advanced-decline line differential deviation scans --- for all 3,000 minutes your E-mini's underlying stock index is open every day?


Advanced-decline line differentials are wickedly effective. At confirming the brute strength of a current trend --- and predicting its likelihood of reversing.

Which gives any smart day trader (and advanced-decline line algo hacker) a virtual 'buy low, sell high' crystal ball for any market driven by stocks.

And easily explains why...

Now They're Using It To Pillage Your
Favorite E-Mini Futures Market

No joke.

They don't care one gigabyte how many E-mini trader 'little guys' like us they leave in their digital wake either.

Because, just like you, they know every E-mini futures market is hitched to an underlying stock index.

E-mini S&P 500 Futures tracks >> the S&P 500 stock index
E-mini NQ Futures tracks >> the NASDAQ 100 stock index
E-mini YM Futures tracks >> the Dow Jones stock index
E-mini RUT Futures tracks >> the Russell 2000 stock index

Which means:

The more sequences of significant deviations from the advanced-decline line they can find... the more millions they stand to make with its predictive power... by gobbling up corresponding Futures contracts in nano-seconds.

Thus, creating a pain-rich beat-down session for E-mini retail traders who are clueless it's happening right under their chart's nose!...

As you get seduced and induced into risky entries and stops at pivotal trade locations. And the Advanced-Decline line algo-traders buy and sell at the best prices.

Which makes it near impossible for normal E-mini traders to fight back.

Without you first:

... Having to learn to write advanced-decline line code
... Needing a massive account to make the 100s of flash trades a day they do
... Needing the fearless emotional trade discipline of a High Frequency Trading robot

So what if you could avoid all that...

And start using the same advanced-decline line differentials to start making $5,000 a month...
from just 1-3 of the most effortless trades a day you'll ever make?

If You Promise Not To Tell Anyone Else
Our Secrets, We'll Show You The Lazy Way
To Get Your Fair Monthly Share Too!

Fair enough?

Good, because as you'll soon see, it cold-cocks senseless anything else you'd even think of trying to use to create an easy side income from the E-minis.

For two reasons.

First: We do not use just each E-mini's underlying stock index -- to get such powerful predictive sequences in Futures.

We use advanced-decline differential sequences + tick index data. From the 3 biggest stock indexes. NYSE, DOW and NASDAQ. So no matter what E-mini Futures market you trade... you're protected from nasty problems. Like, market-weighted capitalization skew and delisted stock bias. That can give false buy and sell signals in the E-minis.

Second: When all 3 of the predictive stock indexes appear over or under 1 candle -- we have a 75% win rate, with little to NO heat.

That's why I can confidently say...

Even the most lazy E-mini trader can get alerted, enter and make at least $5,000 a month from just 1-3 of these trades a day!

Just like we did here...

When the Blue (NYSE), Orange (DOW), and Yellow (NASDAQ) sequences appeared  together above the candles here we got alerted, entered and grabbed 64 ticks in  15 mins for $800. Then another for 80 ticks, and $1,000 in profits 30 minutes later.

And when the same 3 sequences show up the next day, you do it again like this:

When the Blue (NYSE), Orange (DOW), and Yellow (NASDAQ) sequences appeared  together below the candles here we got alerted, entered and grabbed 144 ticks in  30 mins for $720. Then another for 220 ticks, and $1,100 in profits 1.5 hours later.

It doesn't matter how choppy, raging or sideways the rest of the market is trading.

Because every time all 3 predictive stock sequences appear together above or below your candles -- you too will see for yourself, there's a 75% chance (or better) of getting paid!

Can it do the same for you?

Why not find out...

Introducing: The E-Mini Predictive Trader

... Your key to unlocking a 100-yr-old predictive stock timing

signal... That can make even the laziest E-Mini Futures trader

an extra $5K/month side income... From just 1-3 trades a day!

To help you decide if it's a 'good fit', here's a look at what's inside:

E-Mini Predictive Trader™ cold-cocks senseless anything else you'd try

attempting to make $5K/month... from 1-3 trades a day this easily!

We didn't stop there.

Because every 'E-Mini Predictive Trader Suite' comes with our unique Average True Range 'Shadow Box' indicator. For even more certainty on entries, stops, and adding to your position. Plus, our powerful Price Projection Targets indicator. For crucial real-time guidance to stay in your trades for maximum profits.

That's not all.

Here are some more of the E-mini predictive sequence secrets waiting for you inside the members' area:.

  • Want even more E-mini predictive winners? Trade the 2-sequence setups with a 65% win rate. Perfect for those days when you're short on time. And months when "Papa needs a new motorcycle!"
  • Move like lightning through the 3 stages of E-mini predictive side-hustle trades: from "no clue at all" to "this is easy" in just a few short trades... and then on through "gain the respect of people who thought you were crazy for day trading"... straight to earning a reputation as a "day trader with a golden touch".
  • The stunning way to turn butt-ugly entries with no follow-through into 12-16 tick gains at will.
  • The amazing "Lazy E-Mini Predictive Trader" shortcut to having your first $5,000 month. (How to quickly turn your hidden alpha trading skills into a steady income as dependable as any direct deposit paycheck!)
  • The "Yellow Brick Road" technique that allows any trader to quickly & easily go from simulation trading... to having market-wizard confidence in winning 75% of your special live money trades a day.
  • How to destroy your deepest fears of losing by watching 2 simple numbers. The secret is how they guarantee you always buy low and sell high every trade.
  • The mysterious force behind our ATR (average true range) shadow box -- that lets you decide in less than 1 second to enter with one or multiple contracts.
  • You should always use stops that give your trades 'room to work out', right? Wrong! Advancing and declining stocks rudely rampage the obvious places. Here's how to calm down and slash your stop-outs.
  • The 'almost magic' missing link to consistent paydays at your preferred price targets. You'll wonder why no one's ever showed you this before.
  • How locking in profits fast depends on some basic "trailing stop street savvy"... and how to get it quickly. (A unique way to turn overlooked initial price targets into profit multipliers, while slashing your risk!)
  • The hidden "4th sequence" confluence trade. When a predictive 3-sequence setup also touches this -- your adrenal levels will skyrocket. Because you're about to land a 100+ tick winner.

And we're not stopping there!

When you order today -- we're including THREE Bonuses -- to give you even more ways to profit from predictive advanced-decline sequences, in any E-mini market you want.

BONUS #1: The 'Advance Internals' Indicator

... Your ultimate E-mini trend indicator... with the jaw-dropping

"Advance-Decline & Volume Golden Cross" strategy on 5-minute time

frames... For 500-1,000+ tick low-heat winners, 1-3 times a week!

Yep, it's totally normal.

If you feel like a hotshot when you start showing your buddies these kind of winners...


You'll be hard pressed to find an easier way for E-mini traders to achieve those results with Advance-Decline Internals.

And in the included quick start videos -- we hold nothing back on exactly how you can do it too!

You'll peek over our shoulder and discover:

  • An A-Z walk-through of our prized "Advance-Decline & Volume Golden Cross" strategy on 5-min charts. Very simple way to put $12,500 in your pocket from one trade! (And an astonishingly easy setup well-used by institutional and pro stock day traders... but unknown to 99% of E-mini futures traders)."
  • How to "rig" it so you only deal with the most low-chop, no-heat trades possible. (There's admittedly nothing sexy about this tip, but it can save you a lot of time, frustration, and grief.)
  • The sneaky way the 'Advance Internals' Indicator lets you know if the trend is your friend -- with all your other E-mini trades. (Full disclosure: This will take a little tinkering depending on your other setups, which we can't possibly know. But we will show you how to use it to answer your deepest trend direction desires.)
  • How to turn the default ATR (average true range) indicator on NinjaTrader® into your own stop placement crystal ball. With any Advance Internals trade you make. See Module Two for exactly how.
  • Are you not being greedy enough? How to know when to take your hand off this golden spigot of monster profits, and when to turn it to full gush. Crucial: If you want to secure your and your family's financial future on your terms!

Act right now, an you'll also get:

BONUS #2: The 'Speed Of Tape' Indicator

...The wicked-smart way to use Time and Sales + Volume to find the
best daily pivot point honey-holes... Without agonizing over the
D.O.M. or nightly stuffing excel sheets with price data!

Best part?

You'll eliminate entry signal misreads when using multiple charts and time frames. All you need to do is watch a simple line that the Speed Of Tape indicator reveals where institutions stack orders.

Empowering you with obscene customization options: For bar colors, trend, volume, deviation levels, and look-back periods.

So you're ready to pounce on your unique setups -- or any of the 7 other setups -- we'll also give you.

There's more: fast action-takers will also get...

BONUS #3: The ''Daily E-Mini Profit Blueprint"

... The only crash course for (even lazy) E-mini traders who want to
unlock more consistent pro-level profits with all their trades, in just
60 mins. With 7 step-by-step go-to setups for everyday profits...

Others paid $5,000 for this information.

At our private, three-day 1-on-1 bootcamps. Now, you’re getting the choicest, grade-A cuts and setups. That attendees say we couldn't pry from their cold dead hands.

Act right now during this flash sale, and it's all yours:

  • The 7 secrets to unlocking pro-level consistency in all your other trades, in just 60 mins. With 7 step-by-step go-to setups for everyday profits to make it happen.
  • The #1 day trading rule most traders get dead wrong on day one. Which haunts every losing trade they make the rest of their career. Module One helps you side-step this blunder.
  • What $500 bananas have to do with your ability to quit your job and trade full-time.
  • The quickest, easiest way to find and sort winning trade locations from the chaff. Just look for these 'value zones'. Almost instantly corrects common yet overlooked selection mistakes..
  • How even the 'nice' YouTube-trader educators have lied to you! Here's the real-deal-meal on setting (and enjoying the full ride) to your price targets.
  • A 60-second daily ritual -- that makes every trader in the history of day trading who does it a profitable trader 100x times faster.
  • A 60-second daily ritual -- that makes every trader in the history of day trading who does it a profitable trader 100x times faster.
  • The "Vegas trick" that protects you from your worst impulses. Without sacrificing the thrill of $10,500 winners from a single contract trade.
  • Which free indicators are worth their gigabytes in gold. And where to get them.

And much, much more!...

Here's the best news you've read so far.

Right now today, you can...

Gain Instant Access To Everything On This Page For A Surprising $997 $197

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A lot of E-mini traders all over the world are gonna be furious with us for sharing these E-mini predictive sequence "secret weapons" with you… Especially since you won't be paying even part of what they will have to shell out once this flash sale ends!

But that's just too bad.

It's been kept under wraps for too long.

Oh, it'll take quite a while for 'E-Mini Predictor Sequences' to become so common you'll see everyone using them. After all, most E-mini traders have invested too much time and money in their current over-complicated systems --- to justify spending even a dime on something this easy...

Even if it will help them make at least $5,000 a month, from 1-3 trades a day! That's just human nature.

Besides --- if you stayed with me this far, you aren't like other E-mini traders anyway.

So let me tell you what the deal is:

During this Flash Sale only --- you get instant access to everything mentioned in this letter (plus much, much more) for 1 single payment of...

Here's the thing:

This price wouldn't even buy you 15 minutes with me or my team at our private coaching fees -- the thousands of dollars that people have been giving us for over 10 years for personal E-Mini mentoring.

Yet for the price of one decent indicator, you can own E-Mini Predictive Trader + the
3 Bonuses... with all 4 indicators, 7 setups and strategies. That reveal everything you need to start making an effortless $5,000 a month (and more with the bonuses)... from just 1-3 trades a day!

That, my trading friend, is the bargain of a lifetime for serious E-mini traders like yourself. What's more, the monies actually are relevant because...

We're Willing To Take All The Risk, So You Can...

Try It Right Now With 100% Risk-Free

Peace Of Mind!

Try it out for 30 days, if you don’t love it, we’ll replace it; 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Here's how it works:

Place your order and get instant access to all the E-Mini Predictor Sequence Indicators, Setups & Strategies + The 3 Bonuses and use them as if you own them. If, for any reason, or for no reason at all, you are not completely satisfied after 30 days (by which time others would have made $5,000!) -- just send an email to our friendly customer service ninjas. And we'll replace it with something you do love. No questions asked. No hassles or forms to fill out. No problems at all.

NOTE: In order to generate the E-Mini Predictor Sequence you need a data feed that gives you: ^TICK, ^TICKDJ and ^TICKQ, plus data for the E-mini markets you intend to trade. For most of our clients this data is already included in their feed. However, if you do not have a data feed we recommend which ones to use in the member area.

How Can We Afford To Be So Generous?


We're the #1 developer and seller of NinjaTrader® indicators on the planet. We're also E-mini traders, just like you -- and we honestly want to share this amazing new way to make money in the E-minis with you.

Without you ever having to worry or wonder if what you buy from us will work for you, and your unique trading style.

In short...

We Want To Earn Your Trust More Than
Just Sell You A Few Indicators

Because we know it can be maddening.

How other NinjaTrader® developers actually make you sign a "no refund waiver". While blindly asking you to pay upwards of $1,000 for their questionable indicators. Or if they do give refunds, you have to play stupefying waiting games. Or have to call your credit card company just to get your money back.

To us, that's an asinine way to treat any trader.

And we know it's even harder for Futures traders like you, to find someone you can
trust -- that's why we're being so generous.

Which means--- whether you grab the E-Mini Predictive Trader + 3 Bonuses for this steal-of-a-deal now, or later for $997... man-oh-man, are you ever going to be happy with your E-mini side-income results in a very short time!


Kyle Kinne
The #1 seller of NinjaTrader® indicators on the planet.

P.S. Since you’ve read this far, it’s clear you're the kind of E-mini trader we had in mind... who might also enjoy suddenly having something even more important than an extra $5,000 a month side income. Respect. From every naysayer, doubter, and know-it-all loved one, friend and relative who subtly, and possibly even rudely, has told you your day trading dream was crazy. Because now, you're the one they may even be coming to, to borrow money. Wouldn't that be something?

If I'm not wrong, then we both know there’s only one thing left for you to do: Click the yellow 'Add To Cart' button now to get started.

P.P.S. Remember, when you order today you also get the "3 E-Mini Predictive Trader Bonuses(The 'Advance Internals' Indicator that gives you 500-1,000+ tick low- to no-heat setups 1-2 times a week + The 'Speed Of Tape' Indicator to find the best daily pivot point honey-holes + The 'Daily E-Mini Profit Blueprint' with 7 bonus setups)... and you get to take advantage of the special Flash Sale price of just $997 $197.
That’s a pretty tiny investment to learn the lazy way of creating a $5,000/month 'side income'... from just 1-3 E-mini trades a day, don't you think?

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