Free Resources

Free Resources

The Futures training resources below can help you start learning how to become a smarter, more profitable trader right away.

S&P 500 Power Trading (FREE eBook)

Discover the counter-intuitive way to stop striking out in the S&P 500.  With 4 ultra-simple tactics to start earning bigger S&P 500 daily profits on your very next trade.

The Scalpers Edge (FREE eBook)

Want an easier way to find astonishing scalping opportunities? Learn how volume spreads give you the highest frequency of reliable trade opportunities every session.

How To Profit From Single Contract Whale Trades (FREE eBook)

Use Single Contracts To Harpoon Whale-Sized Profits in Any Futures Market! Plus Bonus Video which shows you the 3 special indicators to do it in any day or night session market!

Intra-Day Chart Pattern Profits (FREE eBook)

The 8 Pure Price Patterns That Give Day Traders A Daily Treasure Map To Explosive Profits (Bonus video shows you what indicators to use to automate each price pattern trade!)​​​​​

Day Trading Elliott Money Waves (FREE eBook)

Now Anyone Can Day Trade Mr. Elliott’s Famous ‘Money’ Waves On ANY Timeframe ​(Discover which waves you need — and how to automate everything on ANY timeframe!)

S&P 500 Jumpstart Video Class (FREE Video Course)

5 Short Lessons That Finally Solve The Mystery Of How To Win Big In Today’s S&P 500! Sign Up Now and we’ll share the mindset, Strategies and trade plan we use to make $987.50, $1087.50, $1,350.00 per trade in today’s volatile S&P 500 – all for free!

Don’t Let Another Tick of Explosive Trend & Reversal Profits Slip Thru Your Fingers! (Discover the new way to capture any explosive move. And the surprising indicators that put you in them 3-10 ticks early!)

Morning Evening Trader (FREE eBook)

How Ordinary (Even Brand New) Traders with a 9-5 job can earn an extra $87,500/Yr… Trading a few hours before or after work! Bonus videos shows you how you can make $350 in profits/day… without ever having to babysit trades during your work day!

NASDAQ Jumpstart Video Class (FREE Video Course)

Get the same custom NASDAQ ‘Triple-Trigger’ Setup tool suites and strategies we use to find as many $100-$200 winners a session as we want — without fearing losses.

NASDAQ Triple Trigger Trading (FREE eBook)

Did You Know Most “Proven” NASDAQ Trade Setups Are Hurting You? Discover The Only 3 ‘Triggers’ You Can Count On To Win in Today’s Volatile NQ.

PLUS BONUS GIFT: NASDAQ Jumpstart Video Class

How To Profit From Iceberg Order Manipulations (FREE eBook)

For Ambitious Traders Only: 
Isn’t It Time You Find Out How Institutional Traders Seduce
& Induce You To Follow The Herd Into Risky Trades?

Ichimoku Cloud Made Easy for Futures (free eBook)

Stop Floundering With Ichimoku And… Get The Simplified Way To Use Ichimoku Cloud To Boost Your Day Trading Profits!

(Bonus video shows you the 2 special indicators you need to day trade futures with Ichimoku!)

Momentum Zone Day Trading (FREE eBook)

Are you Making These momentum Trading Mistake When Day Trading Futures?

(eBook + Bonus Video shows why normal momentum strategies & Indicators don’t work for today’s futures markets. And what does instead!)

9 Harmonic Patterns For Everyday Profits (Free eBook)

Cracking the Code of Price Action With Harmonic Patterns

“Ready To Automatically Capture 18x More High-Profit Retracement And Reversal Trades Every Session!”

(Bonus video shows what indicators you need to automate each of the 9 Harmonic Patterns)

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