General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR (Updated May 2019)

The aim of the GDPR is to protect natural persons (EU/EEA Citizens) in relation to the processing of their personal data. The regulation applies to those within the EU/EEA which may hold such data, but also to those outside the EU/EEA which may offer goods or services to natural persons within that area, or send personal data to organization’s within the EU/EEA, or send personal data to recipients within the EU/EEA. Ninjacators LLC (NJC), a US Based company, may offer good or services to natural persons of the EU/EEA from time to time via its websites as it is possible for these natural persons to find and visit our websites, therefore certain principles and rights exist for these natural persons that NJC takes into consideration. As Defined in Article 4 (6), NJC is to be considered a Data Controller. A Data Controller has certain obligations to natural persons (EU/EEA Citizens) when processing and storing your Personal data.

Privacy Notice
Data Controller obligations:

  • Data must be available to the data subject.
  • Describe what data will be collected and for what purposes.
  • Detail any recipients who will receive the data, including if will be transferred outside EEA, and how data will be protected with onward transfer.
  • If any legitimate interests exist in collecting and/or processing the data.
  • Describe data retention and/or storage periods, or the criteria used to determine retention periods.
  • Describe data subject rights, and how a data subject can exercise his/her rights.
  • Details around any uses of automated decision-making.

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