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Supply And Demand Pro


The Supply & Demand Advice Nobody’s Ever Told You That Delivers Consistent 30-300 Tick Winners

This is the only automated supply and demand trading edge for NinjaTrader® that lets you find and “flip” overvalued futures contracts—in your favorite markets and timeframes.

Without buying and selling at the worst possible times!

The Supply and Demand Pro for NinjaTrader helps you...

  • The Supply & Demand Fair Market Value Suite: Helps you automatically find under & overvalued contracts with the biggest 30-300 tick potential to buy cheap and sell expensive. To aggressive buyers and sellers all session long.
  • The Supply & Demand Zones & Entry Signals: Gives you 4 real-time supply and demand zones (including historical). That auto-plot based on the 30-300 tick opportunities you most want to target. As well as manual and auto enter and exit signals.
  • The Supply & Demand Zone Scalper Suite: The only supply and demand scalping zones on NinjaTrader® that tell you where to safely scalp alongside your bigger flips. Or even by themselves. For even more ways to become consistently profitable faster.
  • Quick Start Videos & Guides: Step-by-step guidance to dial in on settings, timeframes, even the 21 different filters so you're finding and 'flipping' under & overvalued contracts for more 30-300 tick winners every session -- in the quickest, easiest way possible.
  • Unlimited VIP Email Support: So you get an answer back the same day during normal weekday Eastern time zone hours.
  • BONUS: MultiBar Build Timer Indicator: It counts down and plots a time stamp of how fast each candle fills on the bottom right side of your chart (including Renkos and tick charts)! So you're ready to pull the trigger with even more confidence. And can quickly and easily tell when a trend is running out of steam or about to reverse.
  • BONUS: Two Extra Proven Setups For Day Or Night Sessions: Two of our favorite setups to find and 'flip' under and overvalued contracts (one for trending conditions, the other for countertrends). Step-by-step examples how to use them in pre-market, cash session, and after-hours trading.
  • BONUS: “How To Grow Your Account From $2,500 To $25K” Mini-Course: We pull back the curtain and give you a zero-fluff trading plan on how to use supply and demand trading to go from $2,500 to $25K, fast. In just a few hours, you’ll know the right way to size your positions, set your targets, auto-enter, smartly manage your stops, and scale your winners.

Gain An Instant Advantage Over Clueless Traders Who
Ignore The Law Of Supply And Demand

You’ll always know you’re getting a good deal or not before you enter a trade with an intelligent algorithm that focuses on overlooked principles of the law of supply and demand. It shows you fair market value, then gives you a way to automate your entries and exits with perfect timing for those 30-300 tick winners.

  • Even if... you’ve been suckered into buying and selling at the absolute worst possible times in the past
  • Even if... you find you keep giving all your profits back after a win
  • Even if... you never seem to consistently find the aggressive buyers and sellers you really need

Unlock Your Potential To Buy Low And Sell High—With 100% Risk-Free Peace Of Mind

Stop buying and selling at the exact worst times. Start visually seeing where to buy cheap and sell expensive—then automate perfectly-timed entries and exits—for predictable profits today! 

Take 30 days to prove these tools deserve a place on your charts. If for any reason, or for no reason at all, this trading edge doesn’t meet your expectations, just send an email to our customer service department.

We’ll replace it with something you do love. No questions asked. No hassles or forms to fill out. No problem.

30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Time To Make Supply And Demand Produce The Consistent 30-300 Tick Gains You Want! 

It’s never been easier to find and “flip” overvalued futures contracts—in your favorite markets and timeframes.

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