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The Zorro Forex Trader


“Now You Can Draw Your Way To A $250/Day Forex Income… As Easy As You See Right Here!”

Find out how the world’s first ever ‘Draw-It-Trade-It’ Forex Tool tells you where, when and how to trade any currency pair in just 3 seconds!

The Zorro Forex Trader for NinjaTrader...

It doesn't even matter if you have a tiny account now, less than 30 mins a day to trade... and don't even know the difference between a 'pip' and a 'candlestick' yet!

Anyone can use this uniquely powerful way to start targeting serious profits from day one...

  • If you’re a brand-new or rookie Forex trader, we’ll show you how to use Zorro Trader to make money on 7 out of every 10 trades you place. From Day 1. Even if you start your account with just $100 dollars.
  • If you’ve already been trading Forex with a small account, and you’re frustrated or losing money… I’ll show you how to use Zorro Trader to send your profits through the roof literally overnight, and make your first $5,000 within a few weeks. Then $250/day thereafter.
  • If you’re excited about trading Forex, yet life, kids, and your job keep getting in the way… we’ll show you an effortless 10-minute-a-day Zorro Trader strategy. That you can easily fit into any 24-hour time period of the week you want. Daytime, nighttime or weekends (even 2:17 am or 11:43 pm), it doesn’t matter. You can still create a part-time income that supports you and your family.
  • If you’ve invested a ton of time ‘learning how to trade’ Forex and feel overwhelmed, with all the endless back-testing, analysis, theory, and dozens of strategies everyone on YouTube says you need… I’ll show you how its super-smart ‘Draw-It-Trade-It’ algos are hard-wired to tell you exactly where, when, and how to trade any major, minor, or exotic pair .

Zorro Forex Trader Tells You Exactly Where, When
And How To Trade Any Currency Pair... In Seconds!

Here’s Everything You’ll Get To See Rapid Results In Forex Soon As Your Next Session:

  • The Zorro Trader Tool Suite:  Zorro Forex Trader™ shrinks everything you'd normally have to master over years --- down to seconds! So you start making 5-15 TIMES bigger profits on all your winners from day one!

  • The Auto-Trade Tool + Trend Direction Detector:  For effortless, automatic entries and exits using NinjaTrader®'s & MetaTrader's ATM. And crucial real-time guidance to trade with your markets' intra-day trend, instead of against it.

  • The How To Make $250/Day Trading Forex Course:  Our outrageously effective, step-by-step shortcut video guide. For even more certainty on entries, stops and scaling your results (with and without multiple contracts)... into even bigger, more consistent $250/day payouts!

  • BONUS #1:  The ‘How To Make Your First $5K In Forex’ Ultimate Mini-Course... The cash-rich mini-course and strategies anyone can use with Zorro Trader to grow their account from as little as $100... to $5,000... inside a few weeks. For less risk, and far more peace of mind, when targeting $250/day profits!...

  • BONUS #2:  ‘How To Stop Fearing Losses’ Ultimate Mini-Course Your ultimate EZ button for avoiding emotional 'revenge trades' after any loss. By trusting Zorro Trader's built-in 5:1 Reward to Risk ratio trading edge... that guarantees (when you smartly trade like we teach) the profits from your winners are always 5-15 times bigger than you need to cover them!...

  • BONUS #3:  The Candlestick Pattern Spotter  Indicator + 'How To Profit From Candlestick Patterns' Course + Psychology Of Candles

    … Your key to boosting your Zorro Trader win rate up to 80%!... Anytime you draw Zorro Patterns around the 'swing highs' and 'swing lows' from these 25 popular candlestick patterns... that automatically plot on your chart as they develop!

Zorro trading strategy for long entry with a 6 tick stop.

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