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The Zorro Futures Trader


The Weirdly Powerful Reversal Strategy You Draw On Your Chart That Can Make You Up To 15x Bigger Profits On Your Wins

The only futures indicator for NinjaTrader® 8 that lets you draw a z-pattern trading strategy directly on any futures market chart. You’ll effortlessly find winners without ever risking a loss larger than 4-7 ticks.

The Zorro Futures Trader for NinjaTrader...

  • The 'Zorro Futures Trader' Tool Suite: Gives you the Zorro Pattern Visualizer + The Zorro Trader Auto-Entry Tools + The Intra-Day Trend Direction Detector... this does all the hard work for you so you can effortlessly make 5, 10, even 15x bigger profits on every winner... without ever risking a loss bigger than 4-7 ticks!
  • The 'How To Make $500/Day' Course: Step-by-step shortcut video guide for even more certainty on entries, stops and scaling your results (with and without multiple contracts) into even bigger, more consistent $500/day payouts!
  • BONUS! 'How To Make A Quick $10K": Gives you the cash-rich mini-course & strategies to use with Zorro Trader to grow your account from as little as $500 to $10,000... inside a few weeks.
  • BONUS! 'How To Stop Fearing Losses': Your ultimate EZ button for eliminating revenge trading, and overtrading after any loss—by trusting Zorro Trader's built-in 5:1 Reward-to-Risk ratio trading edge—that helps you find winners that will always be big enough to offset any losses!
  • BONUS! 2 'CPS Indicators & Courses': Your key to boosting your Zorro Trader win rate up to 80% from day 1... by simply drawing Zorro Patterns around any of the 'swing highs' and 'swing lows' from the 25 most popular candlestick patterns... that the 2 included Candlestick Pattern Spotter & Scanner indicators instantly plot on your chart -- as they develop... plus, two eye-opening bonus trainings to prosper fast!

End The Desperate Scramble To Make The Money
You Want From Futures 

This algo lets you instantly start making 5, 10, even 15 times bigger profits in high-velocity reversal zones... with just a 7-tick stop (or less) on every trade! It’s literally calculating, customizing and calibrating your trading edge to market conditions as you draw the strategy on your chart.

  • Without ever over-analyzing or over-complicating your trades...
    Because Zorro Trader's smart algos give you the entries, stops, profit targets and exits you need in 3 seconds.
  • Without ever second-guessing where, when and how to enter and exit...
    because you can switch between Zorro Trader's manual and auto-trade options anytime you want.
  • Without ever having to fear huge losses... since Zorro Trader helps you use smart 4-7 tick stops every trade.
  • Without ever getting tricked into trading the wrong market trend like many retail traders do... because Zorro Trader's Intra-Day 'Trend Direction Detector' ensures you’re always trading with your market's intraday trend.
  • Without wasting time trying to figure out Futures on your own... while missing out on the easiest way today to make 5, 10 even 15 times bigger profits on every winner, while never risking a loss larger than 4-7 ticks!
Zorro trading strategy for long entry with a 6 tick stop.

Zorro trading strategy for long entry with a 6 tick stop.

Crank Out Steady High-Profit Winners With 100% Risk-Free Peace Of Mind

Anyone who draws this weirdly powerful reversal strategy on their charts can effortlessly make 5, 10, even 15 times bigger profits on every winner... while never risking a loss larger than 4-7 ticks!

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Gain Instant Access To Powerful Zorro Trading Strategies In Any Market And Multiply Your Profits Up To 15x... 

With the lowest risk than any strategy you’ve ever tried—no more than 7 ticks.

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