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Accumulation Distribution Line (ADL)


Accumulation Distribution Line Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 Helps You Find Reliable Stock Scalping Price Action

Uncover Smart Trades with ADL Indicator Customization

Why you'll love Accumulation Distribution Line (ADL) Indicator...

Nobody wants to step out on a rickety bridge without being sure that it’ll safely deliver you to the other side. That’s what the ADL indicator does for you. Intelligent customization and the benefits of oscillator functionality help you navigate risks safely and claim profits right now and into the future.

The Accumulation Distribution Line Indicator for NinjaTrader allows you to . . . 

  • Run on multiple time frames so you can collect profits on day, swing, and scalp trades
  • Filter out noise in the data and find the perfect opportunities by customizing bar types
  • Identify divergences between the stock price and volume flow and find opportunities ripe for the picking
  • Gain insight into how strong a trend is with clear cut data
  • Discover short term overbought or oversold conditions with easy-read trend indicators
  • See profit points quickly and take advantage of overbought stocks while interest is high
  • Claim future profits by finding and selling overbought stocks
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Start using the ADL Indicator today and trade smarter, not harder.

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