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Advance Decline Sum


Advance Decline Sum Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 Gives New Perspective on Stock Day Trading Price Action

Act on Superior Opportunities with the Help of The Advance Decline Sum Indicator

Why you'll love Advance Decline Sum...

Ever wish your polarized sunglasses could work as well on your stocks as they do on a sunny day water skiing? The Advance Decline Sum Indicator does just that. It clarifies where the profits are and filters out some of the market glare so you can take action on superior opportunities.

The Advance Decline Sum Indicator gives you the opportunity to . . . 

  • Draw from NYSE info to see the sum of advancing and declining stocks
  • Leverage the power of the oscillator framework for swing, scalping, or day trading
  • Identify better stocks and better profits with fine tuned data
  • Use your custom bar types so you can focus on the trades that matter to you
  • Summarize an entire day so you can look at your trading strategy from a new perspective
  • Pinpoint net advances quickly in a single metric
  • Drill down on possible profits with a wider view of the market
  • Check up on stock performance quickly and easily
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Start using the Advance Decline Sum Indicator now for a new perspective that will lead you to find better opportunities. 

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