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Bar Orders


Bar Orders Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 Gives Futures Day Trading New Life with Automated Bar Types

Automatically Start an Order at Projected Bar Close

Why you'll love Bar Orders...

Ever come around a corner to see your bus departing without you? It’s the same frustration you have when you miss a potentially lucrative bar order and have to wait for the next opportunity to come along. Timing and automating orders with Bar Orders Indicator ensures you can see what’s coming, collect the data you want (compatibility with 13 bar types), and hop on those gains every time.

With The Bar Order Indicator for NinjaTrader You can . . . 

  • See current projected close and projected open of the next bar so you can time your orders perfectly
  • Set notification for ticks remaining in the current range bar so you’re always in the know
  • Tailor opportunities to your goals by customizing two offsets from the projected close
  • Take advantage of the most profitable entries by placing orders a set amount of ticks away from the current bar’s projected close
  • Collect the data you want in the format that makes the most sense with  compatibility with 13 different bar types (Range, RangeAlt, Club Renko, Standard Renko, Wicked Renko, Better Renko, Median Renko, RJay Range No Gap, RJay REnko Spectrum, SbS Renko, iwMeanRenko, Logik Ultimate Renko, Logic Renko Streamline)
  • Customize to your heart’s content with options like entry offset, custom orders, stop limits, and more
  • Work around known NinjaTrader limitations with a built-in modifier key that allows you to change layout and location of buttons, draw objects, etc.
  • Streamline order placement by submitting orders using your settings in ChartTrader
  • Use the modifier key to sidestep a NinjaTrader 8 error by changing a setting in ChartTrader and never waste time with pesky error messages
  • Change a setting to stack orders so it is easier to modify individual orders later
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