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Candle Range Break


Bigger Profits from Key Reversal Patterns with a Candle Range Indicator

Real-Time Trading Edge Helps You Act Now

Gain big profits on key reversals with a real-time trading edge that identifies candlestick reversal patterns and plots them clearly on your chart.

Why you'll love Candle Range Break Indicator...

Make the most of key reversals with this candle range indicator that identifies and plots candlestick reversal patterns then alerts you so you don’t miss those profits.

The Candle Range Break Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . . 

  • Gain a real-time trading edge by identifying key candlestick reversal patterns and plots a signal directly onto the chart
  • Get better reversal signals and increase your incidence of success with settings that highlight the best reversals
  • Protect your investments with entries and exits in a safer range
  • Never miss key reversals in the market with clear signals that take the guesswork out of the market
  • Act immediately with audible alerts that are fully customizable; can customize visual alerts too, including colors, displays of short and long opportunities
  • Customize the calculation of the reversal pattern to fit your style and market
  • Works on any chart type any timeframe, or any market
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Stay on top of key reversals for big profits. This candle range indicator is a real-time trading edge that helps you see and act on reversal patterns quickly and easily.

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