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Coppock Curve


Coppock Curve Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 Shows Smooth Data on Stocks for Ultimate Swing Trading Momentum

Use a Lot of Data to See Profitable Trades More Easily

Why you'll love Coppock Curve...

Finding a needle in a haystack is the best way to describe impossible feats. But what if you had a metal detector? Not so impossible now, right? The Coppock Curve Indicator is your metal detector for finding “the big one” trades.

The Coppock Curve Indicator gives you the ability to . . .  

  • Identify stock momentum with a super smooth chart
  • See shifts in momentum with a year’s worth of data to rely on for easy-to-identify signals
  • Avoid choppy behavior with reliable long-term data
  • Filter out market noise and see fewer signals so you can find the most profitable trades
  • Read signals easily and make decisions faster with positives signaling buy and negatives signaling sell
  • Rely on weighted moving averages to see data the makes a difference for your strategy
  • Take advantage of using the indicator on multiple time frames to increase your trades
  • Use your favorite custom bar types so you can further drill down on data
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See what a lot of data over a lot of time can do for increasing your opportunities on finding the most profitable trades.

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