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Monster Trade Scanner


“Isn’t it Time You Got Your Fair Share of The Dozens of ‘Monster Trades’ That Pay Out $1,000-$10,000 In Your Favorite Futures Markets Everyday… Without All The Hard Work?”

Now you can: Just run our ‘Monster Trade’ Scanner with automated Entry Signals & Custom Alerts for any market you want. So you too can start hauling in the cash-rich winners you’ve always wanted!

"The Smart Entry Signals REVERSES any Doubt You Can
Claim These $1,000-$10,000 (per contract) Payouts Too!"

Imagine how great that'd feel...

A future without the constant self-doubt about being able to go for big winners. And where, in less time than it takes for you to finish reading this paragraph -- you could recoup a week's worth of losses with a simple click of The Monster Trade Scanner™.  For any markets you want.

And with automated entry signals for 10, 20, even 30 monster trades. Instantly plotted on your charts. Where you know every monster trade is about to pay out upwards of $10,000 (per contract)… each!

  • The Monster Trade Scanner With Entry Signals™. Hunts down 'Monster' trades with $1,000-$10,000 profit potential in any market (including E-mini micros). With custom scans to cherry-pick what fits your unique trading style. And real-time entry signals for each trade automatically plotted on your charts!
  • Step-By-Step Scanner Tutorial. Shows you how to create and save your scans once, then use them forever. A huge time saver that allows you to focus on just trading. As well as step-by-step guidance: Showing you exactly how to place your stops, lock in profits along the way, and scale your positions -- and the key signs to look for to know it’s time to exit. With the biggest payouts possible!
  • BONUS GIFT: How To Create Custom Audio Alerts™
    Want a famous voice like The Rock, Alexa, Siri... or even your own voice, to alert you? Now you set as many custom audio alerts as you want when these $1,000-$10,000+ monster trades develop. All in your own unique style!

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Timing Edge In Your E-Mini Market -- First! 

  • Without second-guessing where, when and how to trade (you get alerted when to enter and pull the trigger)
  • Without wondering where to place stops on your E-mini predictor sequence trades or any of the bonus setups
  • Without buying and selling at the exact worst time.
  • Without fearing market chop, opening gaps, counter-trend demand and aggressive pullbacks
  • Without doubting your trading edge and missing out on the easiest way today to make a $5K/month E-mini side income

Now Anyone Can Grab Their Fair Share of Monster Traders In Any Market & Timeframe— With 100% Risk-Free Peace Of Mind

It doesn’t even matter if... you want to scan just your favorite market, and shoot for 1 monster trade a week. 

Or if... you want to scan and get entry signals for every market. Including ones you’ve never traded. With our step-by-step video guidance you'll know exactly what to do the whole ride.

Or even if... you want to get ambitious and trade 2, 4, even 10 contracts at a time. So you can build up your war chest faster, and become the success you’ve always wanted to be even faster.

You'll gain immediate access to the kind of daily winners that can alter the course of your trading career.  

Isn’t it time you got your fair share of the daily $1K-$10K Monster Trades in your favorite markets too?

Take 30 days to prove it deserves a place on your charts. If for any reason, or for no reason at all, this trading edge doesn’t meet your expectations, just send an email to our customer service department.

We’ll replace it with something you do love. No questions asked. No hassles or forms to fill out. No problem.

30 day love it or replace it guarantee

The "Monster Trade Scanner With Entry Signals™" hunts down real-time single contract trades with the potential to pay out $1,000-$10,000+ in any market you want.

And then with 1 click --- plots the real-time entry signal on your favorite chart!

Go ahead and order your copy of Monster Trade Scanner now for instant access.

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