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If you would like to know how even traders with a small account, who work a full-time day job, and have ZERO patience for waiting on moody markets to give them enough quality trades --- can now boost their trading income 10x faster... 

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Instead of waiting, hoping, and praying for the markets to give you enough winners in the precious few hours you have to trade...

You do something different.

You flip on any combination you want...

Of The 37 'Alert & Trade' indicators, 45 strategies and 69 entry trade setups in your new Ultimate 'Alert & Trade' Pack.

And in minutes watch your charts start buzzing with dozens of high probability trade opportunities at honey-holes no one else knows. 

With the quiet reassurance you too can scoop up an extra $21,841 every single month.

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Because each 'Alert & Trade' pack is specially designed to complement exactly how you trade now. 

And with all the hard work done for you.

Hunting down and alerting you to killer opportunities with 9 uniquely different approaches.

From the innovative new twist on 100-yr-old stock signals for the E-minis (that can make you $5K a month by itself)... 

To the effortless way to trade with the smart institutional money, without using order flows...

To getting alerted to, and landing, $10,000+ single contract whale trade winners in any market...

Just to name a few!

No matter which of the 9 'Alert & Trade' Packs you have working for you, it couldn't be simpler

Just use our quick-start videos to dial in the settings to fit your unique trading style. In any of your favorite markets and time frames. 

Then, when alerted, just enter where signaled and take your outsized extra profits. Right alongside what you do now.

That's not all...

Many traders love the ease of mixing-and-matching these so much... it's ALL they trade. We've even had a few creative traders use the Ultimate 'Alert & Trade' Pack to trade full-time.

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That effortless extra $21,841 a month is SUPER conservative.  As each 'Alert & Trade' Pack easily has the potential to make you that much by itself.

Regardless of any market condition, breaking news event, dumb money over-reactions, or high frequency trading algo-shenanigans going on. 

Which means you can stay in the game and make the income you want from your trading 10x faster. 

Curious to see how?

Introducing a Special 48-Hour Labor Day Sale...

The most effortless way today to find an extra 700-900 high probability 

trades a month. For an instant potential profit boost of $21,841/month.

Each 'Alert & Trade' Pack Includes:

  • 2-7 Alert & Trade Indicators for any futures market you trade
  • 5-10 proven strategies with step-by-step videos how to trade them right
  • 7-12 proven setups and entry signals you can trust in any market condition
  • Newbie-proof execution trading plans specifically for futures day trading
  • Real market examples showing how to overcome common blunders
  • Mistake-proof ways to see results in your first dozen trades
  • 5th-grade-clear examples of when, where, how to take bigger profits
  • Step-by-step video tutorials for each strategy and setup
  • PDF Quick Start guides for every 'Alert & Trade' tool suite
  • Free lifetime upgrades for each of the 30+ indicators in this offer
  • And unlimited VIP email support to answer any questions

Here's What You Will Get:

“New! Innovative 'Twist' To A 100-Yr-Old Predictive Stock Timing
Signal Now Gives E-Mini Futures Traders A $5,000/month Side
Income... From Just 1-3 Of These Unique Trades A Day!”

E-Mini Predictive Trader™ cold-cocks senseless anything else you'd try
attempting to make $5K/month... from 1-3 trades a day this easily!

You'll be learning:

  • Want even more E-mini predictive winners? Trade the 2-sequence setups with a 65% win rate. Perfect for those days when you're short on time. And months when "Papa needs a new motorcycle!"
  • Move like lightning through the 3 stages of E-mini predictive side-hustle trades: from "no clue at all" to "this is easy" in just a few short trades... and then on through "gain the respect of people who thought you were crazy for day trading"... straight to earning a reputation as a "day trader with a golden touch".
  • The stunning way to turn butt-ugly entries with no follow-through into 12-16 tick gains at will. 
  • The amazing "Lazy E-Mini Predictive Trader" shortcut to having your first $5,000 month. (How to quickly turn your hidden alpha trading skills into a steady income as dependable as any direct deposit paycheck!)
  • The "Yellow Brick Road" technique that allows any trader to quickly & easily go from simulation trading... to having market-wizard confidence in winning 75% of your special live money trades a day.
  • How to destroy your deepest fears of losing by watching 2 simple numbers. The secret is how they guarantee you always buy low and sell high every trade.
  • The mysterious force behind our ATR (average true range) shadow box -- that lets you decide in less than 1 second to enter with one or multiple contracts.
  • You should always use stops that give your trades 'room to work out', right? Wrong! Advancing and declining stocks rudely rampage the obvious places. Here's how to calm down and slash your stop-outs.
  • The 'almost magic' missing link to consistent paydays at your preferred price targets. You'll wonder why no one's ever showed you this before.
  • How locking in profits fast depends on some basic "trailing stop street savvy"... and how to get it quickly. (A unique way to turn overlooked initial price targets into profit multipliers, while slashing your risk!)
  • The hidden "4th sequence" confluence trade. When a predictive 3-sequence setup also touches this -- your adrenal levels will skyrocket. Because you're about to land a 100+ tick winner.

The Effortless Shortcut To Being Consistently Profitable,
Without Agonizing Over Entries & Stops

Supply & Demand Trader™ helps you gain automatic certainty when
to enter early... and where to place stops away from danger ---
For consistent 30-300 tick winners in any market you want!

You'll be learning:

  • As soon as your next session, you'll have a new sureness of what trade locations to target, when to enter, where to place stops and how to exit with more consistent winners like never before.
  • And what you learn will STICK... Meaning you'll continue to confidently enter trades early and place stops away from danger for any 30-300 tick opportunity you want! With any kind of trend, counter-trend or scalp trade you want.
  • If you chronically enter trades late now... The real-time, intuitive intel will usher you by color and zone size to the most aggressive buying & selling trade locations. Flip on the auto-entry signals, and you'll even enter at the first touch of your zone.
  • If you're getting stopped out too much now... You'll know how to use the stop placement guides on the Depth of Supply & Demand Zones in minutes! You'll never again fuss with 'giving trades room to work out'... and all the energy you used to waste worrying will now boost your confidence to stay in your trade for maximum profits.
  • If you're trading mostly in simulation... maybe haven't found a reliable trading edge you trust... take too many losses, exit winners too early... then you're going to feel ecstatic over what this does for you! Because it requires NO previous supply & demand experience whatsoever! It's all about letting the law of supply & demand automatically unlock your innate trading instincts. To buy the dips and the sell the rips.
  • If you're a cocky new trader brimming with more confidence than results... this is the ONLY set of indicators you'll need to rapidly build your capital! In just a few minutes, you'll cement "good habits" that will stay with you the rest of your trading career. Most new traders are erratic, relying on above-average IQ or a six-figure salary to keep covering their losses. That's a mistake. Load these uniquely powerful indicators on your charts... and give yourself a smarter trading edge. That can build your war chest in months, instead of years.
  • If you're an average trader... with "average" inconsistent results that maybe gives you 'okay' winners, maybe gives you big losses, maybe has you revenge trading to get it all back... then what you'll discover with this real-time supply & demand intel can change your results overnight! Where you'll sigh with joy every time you enter early, avoid huge stop-outs, and watch your equity curve grow.

The Safest Way Today To Haul In $1,450, $3,850, even $5,570
Per Contract From Today's Epic E-Mini Volatility

Calmly cash in on today's epic volatility. With the only ''Vix Index Setups"
that plot directly on any E-Mini and Micro chart & time frame you want!

Make even bigger profits from today's epic E-Mini & E-Mini Micro
volatility with our Volatility Spikes Tool Suite

You'll be learning:

  • 3 counter-intuitive setups to avoid getting into suckered into risky trades by today's volatility
  • What support & resistance to trust and which levels to avoid 
  • Exactly where to place your stops away from danger
  • An embarrassingly simple way to hit 5:1 reward to risk ratio price targets way more often
  • How to trade with Zen-like calm no matter if the E-Mini's skyrocketing 1000 points or cliff-diving 700 points in a few hours
  • The 'no-sweat' way to avoid piling up stop-out losses that force margin calls
  • A quick two-step move during each trade that can double the daily profits of what you're doing right now
  • Plus a BONUS: 3 non-correlated setups for Gold, Dollar Index, German Bunds that can reel in $870-$1390 profits in less than 30 minutes!
  • And much, much, more!

The Easiest Way To Land $2,000, $5,000,
Even $12,500 'Whale Trades' in Any Market

With the Whale Trade Spotter Alert & Trade Indicator
you'll never miss another 400, 600, 1000+ tick Whale Trade move again.

The Whale Trade Spotter tells you exactly when to enter without second-guessing.

You'll be learning:

  • How to start using the Whale Trade Spotter Indicator in minutes
  • The fastest and safest known way to land single contract Whale Trades
  • The single biggest secret to finding whale trades across all markets
  • A dead 'giveaway' which tells you when to enter your whale trades
  • An unexpected way to stay in your whale trades for maximum profit
  • How even newbie traders can land 2, even 3 whale trades a month
  • Plus a BONUS: For turning Whale Trades into Moby Dick-size profits
  • And much, much, more!

Trade After Work In The "Night Session"
For Impressive Extra Profits

Customize the Trading Zones Indicator to show when day sessions end, when
night sessions start, and any other time frame that's important to you.

Stay laser-focused during each zone without having multiple screens open.

You'll be learning:

  • How to use our Night Session Trading Zones indicator for effortless sessions
  • The 4 best markets to trade night sessions in (Hint: one is the S&P 500)
  • What are the best night session hours for trading
  • The crucial differences between day sessions and night sessions
  • Who are the key players in night sessions (ignore this at your peril)
  • How volume works different in night sessions
  • The different types of news events that impact night sessions
  • Our 4 best night session trade setups (including ways to boost profits)
  • Plus a BONUS Gift: Perfect for nights when you have 30 minutes or less

6 Master Trade Setups You Can Win With
In Any Kind Of Market Conditions

If you can count to 6 you can use these master trade setups to
earn everyday profits... in any kind of market conditions.

You'll be learning:

  • The 6 best trade setups for everyday profits in popular markets (Hint: One is the S&P 500)
  • What strategies work (and don't work) with each master trade setup
  • The crucial difference between day trading and scalping setups
  • How to reverse the risk of false signals (starting with 1 tiny pre-market tweak)
  • A simple-as-pie trade setup to capture quick wins in the first minute of market opens
  • The Mensa-smart trade setup that gives a unique twist to the market on open orders
  • The 5 profit-killing mistakes you must avoid when using master trade setups
  • The newbie-proof price swing setup that puts you in high profit potential breakouts early
  • A unique trade setup accidentally discovered when analyzing daily settlements
  • The most interesting (and profitable) Fibonacci trade setup ever discovered
  • Little-known secrets that can steer you clear of getting stopped out
  • BONUS: 2 extra setups for BIG profits in so-called "boring" markets

Turn Opening & Hidden Gaps Into The 

Most Profitable Trades Of Your Day

The Smart GAP Trader tool filters, calculates, and displays every
tick of opening gap intel you need.

The Bonus Hidden Gap tool puts you in confirmed explosive 

moves from open to market close in ANY Futures market.

You'll be learning:

  • How to use the Smart Gap tools in the S&P 500, NQ,YM, CL and more
  • The smart way to avoid mistaking the direction of the after-gap move
  • How to cancel out doubt about where to enter opening and hidden gaps
  • The quick cure for second-guessing if opening & hidden gaps will fill
  • The no-B.S. truth about what targets to set for opening and hidden gaps
  • 2 safety nets to keep you from exiting any gap trade too early
  • And much, much, more!

The Lazy Way To Make Outsized Profits Off Of
Any Scheduled News Reaction

The Scheduled News Trader, News Blocker and Reaction Signal Tools
tell you when and where to profit from any scheduled news event
reaction... on any 1-minute to daily chart!

You'll be learning:

  • Little-known, "scheduled news hacks" to know which events can deliver outsize profits today... and which ones to pass on until the next session
  • The unusual type of market volatility you need to look for 15 minutes before scheduled news events that signals an aggressive buy-up or sell-off
  • How to make profiting from scheduled news events 10 times more effective by making a 5-second change to an annoying NinjaTrader® default setting
  • How to spot the early warning signs about how many contracts you should trade off the event's initial reaction
  • Why our scheduled news traders have almost no issues with getting stopped out
  • The #1 biggest mistake made by scheduled news traders using news feeds
  • The secret trade setup technique that can get you in and out of most scheduled news trades with very little heat
  • Look over our shoulder at examples of us trading the market reactions to scheduled news events, and how we grab the lowest-risk, outsize profits... in the laziest way possible
  • What to do (and not do) on the rare occasions the market's reaction to the event swings against your position
  • A ruthless ninja move to protect your account from scheduled news event stop hunters -- while their bots get knocked senseless, you'll quietly take outsize profits
  • Our "Scrooge Strategy" that predictably squeezes every penny possible from dumb-money traders' over-reactions (most use the same old, outdated indicators to trade scheduled news events... we'll show you the flaw they're both blind to)
  • And much, much more!

Unlock Double, Even Triple The Profits Of Your Breakouts And Retracements... With Iceberg Orders In Any Futures Market

Iceberg Order Trader helps you double, even triple your profit potential from
breakouts, reversals and pullbacks without getting tricked,
trapped and blindsided by greedy institutions.

The Consensus Order Spotter helps you know the risky stops 

and targets to avoid. Without sacrificing profits

The BONUS Block Order Spotter displays final, executed BLOCK orders  

on your chart for every market and time frame!

You'll be learning:

  • How to cash in --- when institutions use hidden Iceberg Orders to induce and seduce you into risky breakouts and retracements
  • Where the Iceberg Order traps -- and opportunities -- are in real time
  • See exactly where to place your stops away from danger
  • Set profitable price targets, that get hit more often
  • Remain calm when the market predictably turns against the dumb money
  • How to avoid getting chronically stopped out even though your analysis was correct
  • The proven strategies to double, even triple the profit potential of the breakouts and retracements you're doing right now
  • The sure-fire signs and signals you have an iceberg order on your hands
  • What to do the moment you enter an iceberg order trade to boost your win rate
  • The #1 iceberg order 'trigger' that neutralizes second-guessing from entry to exit
  • And much, much more!

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Follow our step-by-step entry, trade management and exit rules. In any number of futures markets you want.

And in minutes you get alerted to dozens of high probability trade opportunity honey-holes. 

In any futures market you want. 

For an instant profit potential boost of $21,841 a month you'd otherwise miss. 

It doesn't matter if... you've never used any of the methods in Alert & Trade packs before.

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It doesn't matter if... your trading goals are to replace your current income, or ensure a secure retirement, or quit your job to trade full time.

Adding the Ultimate 'Alert & Trade' Pack's 37 indicators, 45 strategies and 69 entry trade setups can help you get there faster than you ever imagined.

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