How Would You Like 72 of Our Best Tested, Most Profitable

Entry Signals, That Can Automatically Stuff Your Charts

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Anytime You Want?

The revolutionary new way to unlock more 

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Dear Trading Friend,

If you want to know how you can double, even quadruple the number of trades you'd most love to win every day...

In any futures market and on any time frame...

Then I think you’ll be thrilled by this unique opportunity to gain lifetime access to 72 of our best tested, most profitable entry signals + Live Weekly Signal Trading & Learning...

Read on to discover how you can get lifetime access to the Signal Lab for far  less than the $2,497 a year everyone else will have to pay later!

Best part?

No matter if you buy the lifetime or yearly membership to the Signal Lab, you'll own all 72 of these powerful, uncorrelated entry signals for life!

And you can use as little or as much of the Live Weekly Signal Trading & Learning as you want...  

  • Just want to explore & trade the 72 entry signals on your own? Go ahead! They’re waiting for you right now in a private member area. With step-by-step videos for each one, to get you up and trading your favorites fast. 
  • Want the laziest way to combine entry signals for an even better (or multiple) trading edge? Just check your email once a week. And we’ll give you the exact solo signals, ‘core’ signal stack, and ‘wild card’ signal combinations we’ll be trading the upcoming week (see examples below).
  • Want proof the signals & combinations will work for you? Join us on Fridays for live trading with each week's recommend signals. Sit and watch, or even cash in on signal trades right along with us.
  • Want the secret trading edge sauce for each signal? Join us after the live trading for live learning in the lab. Where you’ll get the settings, strategies behind each signal, and nuances of every trading edge you need to succeed. Whether you're using solo signals or stacking signals to win on your time frames, your way. 
  • Just want to start having fun trading again? (see how below)

It gets even better...


Each Week We'll Also Send You Fascinating New Ways To Combine 
And Cash In On Your Entry Signals

Here's how it works:

In addition to you using your 72 uncorrelated, real-time entry signals whenever and however you want...

You also get what will likely become your most prized email each week.

With 3 fresh, proven ways to use specific solo entry signals, or combinations of signals we call "stacks".

Highlighting in step-by-step detail, exactly how to trade...

Our Solo Signal of The Week:

Highlights 1 of the entry signals we'll be trading LIVE in the lab that week which is most proven to succeed in the S&P 500/ES overall market conditions that week.  

Based on the time frame you use, you can expect about 10-15 trades a day just from these.

Just like this momentum continuation signal that hauled in $1,930 for our Signal Lab members...

Our Core Signal Stack of The Week:

A combination of signals perfect for 5-7 high probability trades a day for any market and timeframe. 

Stacked to help you reduce you draw downs, boost win rate, confirm entries, slash stop outs, and put more consistent winners in your pocket. 

Just like these the 6 signals we combined to create the core stack here, that helped our Signal Lab members scoop up $2,390 in 3 trades here...

Our Wild Card Signal Stack of The Week:

A combination of signals that can give you 1-2 account-changing monster opportunities that week.   

Just like the 6 signals in this wild card stack here that nabbed our Signal Lab members an effortless $7,180...

Here's something else that'll thrill you...

You'll never need to worry about any entry signal or signal stack trading edge ghosting you. Or fretting over your stops & targets either.

Because we coded an ultra reliable pro-grade 2:1 to 10:1 REWARD-to-risk trading edge into all 72 real-time signals. 

That we'll walk through for you in the included step-by-step quick-start videos for each and every entry signal.

And, if you want, show you how to custom-fit to your unique trading style in the weekly live signal trading and learning lab.

So Listen, If You Have 

Ever Wanted To…

  • Slash your costly searching for entry signals you trust to win with every day from weeks down to minuteswith dozens of entry signals at your fingertips you can mix, match and trade to your heart's content...
  • Protect yourself from the pain of piling up losses and getting rudely shoved to the sidelines, because the few entry signals you do trust have suddenly stopped working...
  • Win every showdown with your worst trading impulses over second-guessing, hesitating and doubting (your entries, stops and exits)...
  • Dissolve virtually all the stress, strain and frustration of entering trades not suited to the comfort level of your unique trading style...
  • Eliminate financial worries about your odds of being consistently profitable each week, month and year. With an effortless way to pump endless combinations of real-time, cash-rich entry signals to your favorite markets, charts & time frames anytime you want...

Then you're one of the signal traders we have in mind...

... who will no doubt take this shortcut to day trading success... and run wild, entering and winning dozens more of your favorite trades every day. 

How can we be so confident it will work for you?

Since 2008 we’ve helped more than 50,000 traders prosper faster on the NinjaTrader® platform. Developing over 450 innovative indicators. And nearly 100 unique strategies with a real-world trading edge. Powered by our combined 70 years of successful institutional and retail trading experience. 

Which means, more than anyone else...

We know how to get you everything you want from trading -- light years faster than you ever imagined.

Without Ever Needing To Take

A Single Trade Outside Your 

Comfort Level!

Everyone knows…

The fastest way to fail in day trading is to enter trades you’re not comfortable with. 

The pros already understand this. Not one retail trader in a thousand has a clue how to put it into practice.

Because they fear if they take only the trades they ARE comfortable with, they won’t have enough opportunities.

Which is true. If you're a trader who spends weeks, and risks $1000s in losses, just to find 1 measly trade setup and entry signal...  

... you then hope and pray will work for you in every kind of market condition.

Fortunately for you, today is the day you can escape that gut-wrenching way to trade forever. 

With this innovative new way to pick & automatically plot as many custom-fit entry signals as you can handle every session. This week, next month, next year, and for as long as you have access to a standard data feed. 

Because unless you’re a flash trader with a $50-million dollar account, making 1000s of trades a day with all 72 of our real-time entry signals at once....

You’ll NEVER run out of proven entry signals for your favorite kinds of winning trades.

Here’s something else you’ll quickly appreciate, from your very first signal trade...

You're now free to skip straight to the fun parts of trading, as you gleefully...

Pump Your Charts Full Of Entry Signals You Trust 

Anytime You Want!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie trader with a small account... 

And a burning desire to grow your account as quickly and safely as possible.

Or an experienced trader...  

Who wants to open new channels of profits from different styles of trades and exciting markets. So you can look into your partner's eyes and tell them your family's financial future is secure.

Or even if you're a full-time trader with a $1,000,000 account, like some of our traders...

Who's itching for today's most potent trading ideas. A more generous reward-to-risk ratio that won't make you lose sleep. Or a Mensa-smart automated hedge. So you make your next million even faster and safer.

Still, you might be wondering…

“What Kinds Of Trades Can I Make 

With The Different Signals?”

Virtually any kind you want.

Because each category gives you a mix of signals for:  Reversals, Continuation Trades, Squeeze Trades, Pullbacks, Dips, Rips, Responsive Buying, Responsive Selling, Reactional Trades, Spike Fades, Consolidation, Range Fades, Range Breaks, Breakouts, Trends, Trader Traps, Price Flips, Price Breaks, Volume Shifts... and more!

It doesn’t matter if you just want dozens of real-time entry signals for one kind of trade like price action, order flows, or support and resistance.

You just pick & automatically plot what you want in seconds.

Like these 5 fantastic opportunities the Support & Resistance / Reversal Signal automatically gave us here in the S&P 500/ES...

Then anytime you want, choose one of the other 8 categories of entry signals. To help you win -- your way -- even faster.

Like with these 7 easy opportunities the Momentum / Continuation Signal instantly gave us in the NASDAQ/NQ...

There's even more power under the hood! 

It quickly and easily delivers reliable, high-profit entry signals for ANY market. Even if you've never traded it.  

Like the 12 killer trades the Volatility / Scalp Signal plotted for us here in GOLD/GC...

And here's yet another game-changer:

Each signal comes with the brains to automatically plot your stops and targets too! For less stop-outs. And bigger payouts on your exits.

Listen -- there's more, lots more these 72 high-powered entry signals can do for you...

Especially if you're always looking for new and more advanced ways to use the signals, review your trades, help you develop your own trading ideas.... 

Or use the signals to trade multiple contracts, scale into trades and build wealth.

One thing’s for certain: No matter how you use the 72 entry signals now and in the future...

You’ll never again have to talk yourself into trading setups and signals that freak you out. 

Or get forced to over-trade and chase the market because the only 1-2 signals you use have stopped working.

That's why we put together this special lifetime access deal. So you have the tools + live weekly signal trading & learning you need to succeed. Without having to pay $2,497 a year like everyone else will have to later.

In short, everything is designed...

For Traders Who Want A 

Quicker Easier Way To Win Big

Their Way, Every Day!

In The Signal Lab, you and other profit-minded signal traders will enter into a new reality of consistent trading. 

A reality powered by a proven arsenal of 72 real-time entry signals at your fingertips. Delivering only the kinds of trades you most want to win every day.

With the full peace of mind that each week we'll show you fresh ways to trade them solo...

Or combine them into THOUSANDS of even more powerful and fascinating kinds of trading edges -- in your favorite markets and time frames.

So you too can start winning more consistently, exactly how you want.  

And with a level of live weekly signal trading + learning we've never made available for you to profit from right alongside us!

So here's the game plan:

Place your order today and you'll get instant access to all 72 of our best tested, most profitable entry signals in 9 diverse categories...

Order Flow Entry Signals:  Gives you multiple real-time long and short order flow sequences, order flow locations, trade imbalances, buyer-seller exhaustion, and trapped trader entry signals… better than costly $1K-$5K order flow indicators. 

Momentum Entry Signals:  Delivers multiple real-time long and short momentum bursts and intra-day momentum trend entry signal strategies. Perfect for trading the most explosive parts of momentum without worrying about being late. 

Candlestick Pattern Entry Signals: Plots dozens of long and short entry signals for today's most popular candlestick patterns. Without ever having to know how to recognize a doji, bullish engulfing, morning star, or any other candlestick pattern.

Volume Entry Signals:  Gives you more accurate long and short real-time entry signal strategies for volume spikes, volume clusters, and volume momentum shifts… Than spending upwards of $5,000 on one of those 3-year volume profiling courses. 

Chart Pattern Entry Signals:  Plots several long and short entry signal strategies for harmonics, Elliott waves, breakouts and reversals… better than risking $1,000s trying to memorize and manually trade these popular patterns on your chart.

Moving Average Entry Signals:  Plots the missing long and short real-time ENTRY signals that historical-based, lagging moving average will never give you. Perfect for confirming overall market direction as well as ‘’swing-high, swing-low trades’’.

Price Action Entry Signals:  Plots multiple long and short real-time entry signals from unfiltered, market-generated intel & setups even a live pit floor trader could win with. Eliminates analyzing every tick of the market, and looking for confirmation of confirmation forever. 

Support & Resistance Entry Signals:  Instantly plots multiple long and short real-time entry signals at each day’s most pivotal support & resistance levels: for more super-high-accuracy winners… Than drawing random lines at the same obvious levels everyone else watches. 

Volatility Entry Signals:  Automatically plots

exceptional high-profit entry signal strategies from high volatility, and extreme volatility spikes. The easiest, most reliable way today to profit from fear and greed triggered by global market and world events.


Which means...

You'll now own the quickest, easiest way today to double (even quadruple) the amount of trades you most love to win each day. 

With no stress. No strain. And no second-guessing when to pull the trigger.

That's not all.

When you complete your order today, we're also including...

The Weekly Live Signal Trading
And Learning Lab

The live weekly signal trading sessions are your chance to get the proof you need to trust the signals will work for you. No matter which market or time frames you trade. 

All while you can profit right alongside us with your signals!

As we trade each week's recommend solo signals and stacks with our money.

You do not ever need to attend the weekly trading sessions... Or even the live Learning Labs in order to start using the signals.

However, if you do want to attend you'll learn:

... The exact strategy behind each week's solo signal stacks

... The exact settings to use for your specific markets and time frames

... How to "stack" signals for an even more powerful trading edge

... How to use the bonus stop and target indicators with the signals

... The art of exiting with signals for maximum profit

... How to use multiple signals to scale your results and build wealth

... And much, much more!

It really is 100% OK to use the LIVE trading & learning sessions as little or as much as YOU want...

In fact:

We have dozens of happy Signal Lab members who've never attended a LIVE trading session, or signal lab class. 

They simply watched the quick-start videos for each signal in the members area. And started winning their way every day since. 

There are others who've come only when they're stuck. Or just want the consistency of showing up each week to cash in on the LIVE signal trading with us.

So just know, no matter how you choose to use all the Signal Lab offers...

It's all about you getting the help you need, your way. With zero stress. Maximum fun. And far more consistent profits.

Which, when you think about it, clearly makes Signal Lab unlike anything you've ever tried to succeed in trading.

And we're not stopping there either, we're also including...

Stops & Targets Indicator Pack 
To Cut Your Losses Fast & Let 
Your Winners Run

Signal Lab Bonus 1 Stops & Targets Indicator Pack


If you want to consistently take profits from your favorite markets you need stops and targets you trust as much as your signals.

That's why we're giving you our 5 best stop and target indicators. To help you cut your losses fast, and let your winners run wild. 

With 5 unique stop & target approaches that work with all 72 entry signals.  

You get:

The Target & Stop Channel Indicator.

This indicator is an excellent multi-purpose weapon for both targets as well as stops. The channel plots help you to stay in your trade longer, yet protect your trade by placing smart stops in harmony with the current velocity.

Furthermore, it quiets market noise and chop. If there were only one target/stop indicator we could pick to use for the rest of our life, this one would be it.

The Target & Stop Grid Indicator.

The indicator is calculating and plotting a Target and or Stop Grid (choose either/or) automatically on your chart. It acts like a framework to show you prices that can be used as a target and stop for all signals. Best of all, these prices are calculated ahead of time and will always be there if you need. 

The Volatility Stops Indicator.

Moving your stop when the market is moving in your favor is a very romantic idea. However, most stop and trailing stop indicators let you down more often than not.

That's why we created the best “stop movement / trailing stop” indicator you'll ever use. It has a wide range of underlying calculations but the core of it is the volatility, down to the dialing intra-bar measurement of volatility your way.

The Harmonic Swing Targets and Stops Indicator.

This indicator breaks with the “traditional way” to look for Targets and Stops. Based on a harmonic swing calculation, the indicator will provide a channel-like plot, that calculates and plots on the swing intensity of the market, to give you a fantastic reference for your targets and stops.

Furthermore, the target destination calculation will give you an indication on how far the market is expected to move, before you even enter it.

And can act as a pre-trade target filter too. If the potential target, AKA potential target opportunity, is too small, just skip the trade and wait for the next one.

The Settlement Price Targets Indicator.

This indicator marks some of the most important prices of the trading day, the settlement price and its deviations. Perfect for setting up the next trading session's trading action. 

The prices act like a magnet and are excellent for stops and targets as well as key turning points. Perfect place to hide your stops or front run your target and take profit every few ticks.

There's more!...

Also Yours FREE -- Our Custom 

Bar Pack With 12 Predictive 

Volume Income Signals

If you want far less chaotic custom bar types that can put you in trades early and make you a steady side income -- then these unique predictive custom bar types deliver it all with Zen-like calm. 

For every trend continuation, breakout and reversal trade you make! No matter if you're using them alone, with the 72 entry signals, or your own indicators.

You get:

The Renko Bars Pack

Fully loaded with:

  • GAP Representation:  Most Renko bars do not show you opening gaps. These do in a unique way. So you can now see if a high level of support & resistance was broken with your GAP trades.
  • Acceleration:  Filters high volatility by displaying a single bar, unlike Renko and others which draw “ghost” bars whose duration is zero.
  • Backtest Mode:  Get accurate results to build confidence thanks to the Backtest Mode.
The Volume Breakout Bar Pack

Effortless Customization:

  • Easy to Set:  Only 2 parameters and you're ready to start! With even more customization options to dial in to your unique trading style.
  • 2-Phase Build-Up:  Clearly defined accumulation phases, and intuitively actionable signals for the volume breakout phase.
  • Reduce False Signals:  Used on pattern recognition indicators and even oscillators, false signals tend to be less frequent.
  • First Move Volume Intel:  Everyone knows volume moves always precede price. Real-time volume distribution intel lets you enter early and exit before the dumb-money.
The Volume Reversals Bar pack

Helping you profit with:

  • Volume-Based Trend Analysis:  For trend and counter-trend volume shifts.
  • Multi-Step Construction:  With both accumulation and continuation volume.
  • Volume Trend Triggers: For  trend and counter-trend predictive signals.
  • Cancels Out 'Market Chop':  For smoother entries, stop placements and exits.

All together...

There are 12 uniquely powerful entry signals we'll show you how to use to create a nice little side income just from these signals... on any time frame you want.

Wouldn't that be a welcome addition to what you're doing now?

You bet it would!...

Especially when you add in this workhop-only bonus -- From Rob Booker...

Yours Also FREE -- 1 Year of Rob's
THREE Most Popular Signals + Trading Masterclass ($4,500 per year value)

It's all yours...

The moment you place your order for the Signal Lab.

Rob will give you his 3 most prized signals and setups he'd use... if he had to start over today with only $748 in the bank. Plus:  his famous Master Class (with special guest instructors).

First up, 'The Hanging Bear' — Rob's ultimate trade signal for the expected wild downturn in the next few months.

And just in case the market doesn’t flip, Rob's packed your bag with full training for his other top signals: 'The Double Dutch' and 'The Matador'.

Which means...

No matter your favorite market moves — up, down, or sideways — you’ll have Rob's go-to setups to prepare you to take full advantage.

So you quickly & easily understand:

* The Context of Trades:  What story is the market trying to tell

* Market Structure:  Where are we in the market story right now

Strategy:  What scenarios are we looking to play out at key levels

Tactics:  The best entries, stops, exits based on all the above

Staying Profitable:  How to cut losers short, and let winners run wild

For a steal-of-a-deal you'd normally have to pay $4,500 to access...

So What's The Fee For Instant Access 

To Signal Lab + 3 Workshop Bonuses?

At $7,500 a year I believe this would be a friggin' bargain.

And if you don't see that after you have already likely spent at least $200-$500 for a single indicator more than once in your career...

As well as trading rooms and coaching that can each run upwards of $10,000...

And how The Signal Lab gives you 72 entry signals, each with a 2:1 or better trading edge...

And LIVE weekly signal trading where you can cash in right alongside us. As well as coaching that, combined we normally charge $10,000 a year for...

Plus a powerful weekly email with fresh ways to combine and cash in on your entry signals... That can routinely add an extra $2,450-$7,400 a week to your account...

Then this is probably not for you.

In that case, you're not ready for this much power and freedom to win your way like we'll teach you to do in the Signal Lab.

And I would ask you to pass on this opportunity, since we're only allowing 300 people to gain access to this for a fraction of the $2,497 a year others will have to pay later.

Because it's for savvy retail traders who recognize...

That signal trading and stacking with 72 of our best tested, most profitable signals is the quicker, easier way to win big their way every day.

That said...

We realize $7,500... or even the steal-of-a-deal $2,500 a year we'll soon be charging, could be a stretch for many of you.

That's why...

We all agreed that we could let the first three hundred people who order get lifetime access to everything I promised on this page for just $897.

And that's not the only way we're going to make this an easy 'yes' for you...

We're Willing To Take All The Risk, So You Can... 

Try It Right Now With 100% Risk-Free 

Peace Of Mind! 

Here's how it works:

Place your order today and use The Signal Lab's™ 72 entry signals, Live Weekly Trading & Learning + The 2 Bonuses as if you own them all...

30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Then, if for any reason, or for no reason at allthis trading edge doesn't prove to you that it's worthy to be on your charts over 30 days...

Just send an email to our friendly customer service ninjas. 

And we'll replace it with something you do love. No questions asked. No hassles or forms to fill out. No problems at all.

But I Must Warn You...

If you don't act on this now there's a strong chance you'll miss out.

I believe all 300 of the Lifetime Access Memberships we're offering at this special price will be gone fairly quickly.

So here's what I recommend...

If you see the enormous value of this offer, and don't care to pay $2,497 per year later like everyone else, jump on it now.

If you have any hesitation, please skip it. It means you're just not ready for this much power and customization at your fingertips.


  • 72 Of Our Best Tested, Most Profitable Entry Signals: 

Your quickest, easiest way today to pick & automatically plot a fortune's worth of entry signals to your favorite kinds of trades, anytime you want. Each signal is coded with a default 2:1 reward-to-risk ratio (many even higher), with 100% real-time signals across 9 of the most proven and popular trading methods today. (VALUE: $7,297.00)

  • The Signal Lab LIVE Weekly Trading Sessions: 

Your quickest, easiest way today to pick & automatically plot a fortune's worth of entry signals to your favorite kinds of trades, anytime you want. Each signal is coded with a default 2:1 reward-to-risk ratio (many even higher), with 100% real-time signals across 9 of the most proven and popular trading methods today. (VALUE: $7,297.00)

  • The Signal Lab LIVE Weekly Learning Sessions: 

Where you learn the secrets of signal trading and signal stacking, like:
... The exact strategy behind each week's solo signal stacks
... The exact settings to use for your specific markets and time frames
... How to "stack" signals for an even more powerful trading edge
... How to use the bonus stop and target indicators with the signals
... The art of exiting with signals for maximum profit
... How to use multiple signals to scale your results and build wealth
... And much, much more!. (VALUE: $1,999.00/yr)

  • The Weekly Solo & Signal Stacks Email:

Want the laziest way to combine entry signals for an even better edge? Just check your email once a week. And we'll send you fascinating new ways to combine and cash in on your entry signals. With the exact solo signals, ‘core’ signal stack and ‘wild card’ signal combinations we’ll be trading the upcoming week in the lab. (VALUE: $2,497/yr)

  • GIFT #1:  The Stops & Targets Indicator Pack

If you want to consistently take profits from your favorite markets you need stops and targets you trust as much as your signals. That's why we're giving you our 5 best stop and target indicators. To help you cut your losses fast, and let your winners run wild. With 5 unique stop & target indicators & approaches that work with all 72 entry signals. Absolutely invaluable! (VALUE: $997.00)

  • GIFT #2:  The Custom Bar Types w/ 12 Income Signals

If you want far less chaotic custom bar types that can put you in trades early, while also making you a steady side income... Then these unique predictive volume custom bar types can deliver it all with Zen-like calm.
Works with all 72 entry signals + popular indicators (VALUE: $899.47/yr)

  • GIFT #3:  1 Year of Rob's THREE Most Popular Signals + Trading Masterclass

Rob will give you his 3 most prized signals and setups he'd use... if he had to start over today with only $748 in the bank. Plus:  his famous Master Class (with special guest instructors). (VALUE: $4,500/yr)

Total Signal Lab Value:


Right Now ONLY $897.00

(For the first 300 traders who order)

I'm excited for you! 

And I'm looking forward to helping you succeed in the Lab :)

All the best,

Kyle Kinne


The #1 seller of NinjaTrader® indicators on the planet.

P.S. The power of these 72 proven, uncorrelated entry signals can help you stuff your charts full of any kind of trade you want, to win your way each and every day...

The Live Signal Trading & Learning Lab trading allows you to trust them and profit alongside us, as well as learn to combine them in fresh ways... and give you $2,450-$7,130 in extra profits a week just by checking your email every Friday afternoon.

When you think about the Signal Lab like that, you simply have to respond to this offer right away.

Because if anyone is going to have a quicker, easier way to stuff their charts full of our entry signals with a proven 2:1 reward-to-risk ratio anytime they want...

Shouldn't it be you?

I sincerely hope you think so, and join us today.

That's why I invite you to do THIS... right this very instant.


The #1 seller of NinjaTrader® indicators on the planet.

  • Is there a guarantee?

Yep. We’re happy to take all the risk so you can try it with 100% peace of mind. Place your order and get instant access to all 72 of our best tested, most profitable entry signals. Then go ahead and use them + the LIVE weekly signal trading and Labs as if you own them. If, for any reason, or for no reason at all, you are not completely satisfied after 30 days -- just send an email to our friendly customer service ninjas. And we'll replace it with something you do love. No questions asked. No hassles or forms to fill out. No problems at all.

  • Can I just use the signals without going to the Lab?

Absolutely! You'll own them for life and get instant access to all the signals, along with step-by-step quick-start videos to get up trading fast. We do recommend you check the weekly Signal Lab email too. For even more fascinating ways to combine and cash in on your signals.

  • What markets do the real-time signals work best in?

All 72 real-time entry signals work in all markets. However, we most like to use them on:  ES, MES, NQ, MNQ, YM, MYM, RTY, M2K, CL, GC, MGC, 6E, 6J, NG, UB, FDAX, FESX.

  • What time frames do the real-time signals work best on?

All 72 real-time entry signals work on any time frame you want. Min, tick, volume, range, renko. Even most popular custom bar types. For any NinjaTrader® default and custom session templates you want.

  • Can I backtest the entry signals?

You can visually backtest (different markets and settings) with the 72 real-time entry signals as we’ll show you in the members area. If you want to be able to implement your Ninjascript strategies, be sure to choose the “BEST DEAL” option on the very top right of the order page.

  • What if I own similar indicators I see in the 9 categories?

There is a significant difference between anything that may be similar like Elliott wave, or Harmonics.  Because these 72 real-time entry signals involve ZERO work on your part. As each comes with a 2:1 to 10:1 trading edge built in. As well as the automated stops & targets. Even better, you can use these entry signals as confirmations for any of the current indicators you bought from us. Add any of the other 72 kinds of signals to enhance your trading edge. Or create new trading ideas in conjunction with what you own now. If you want our help doing this then we recommend you check out the LIVE weekly trading and Learning sessions after each Friday.

  • Is there a payment plan?

We have two options. 1) If you want to split payment of your Signal Lab deal across 2 or more credit cards, please call or email our friendly customer support team and we’ll take care of you ASAP. 2) We can also provide our link to PayPal Finance if you want to spread it out over time.

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CFTC Rules 4.41 - Hypothetical or Simulated performance results have certain limitations; unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not been executed, the results may have under- or over-compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profit or losses like those shown. 

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