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Pro Series

Our most innovative new ways to win your way with:  Elliott Waves, Support & Resistance, Supply & Demand, Volume, Price Flow, Chart Patterns, Price Action, Momentum, Volume Spreads, Ichimoku and many more. Each gives you a proven 2:1 (or better) trading edge from your first trade. For any market and timeframe.

Turn-Key Strategies

Boost your daily profit potential with these specialty order flow, volatility, momentum, price action, trend indicators and semi-automated strategies.  That alert you to monster opportunities all session long, on any timeframe. Powerful enough to give you impressive profits by themselves. Yet flexible enough to compliment how you trade now. 

Quick Strike Programs

Master your favorite Futures market with our advanced indicators and deeper step-by-step day trader education. Without the pain and costly frustration of trying to figure it out yourself. Perfect for traders looking to get to the next level fast.

Single Indicators

Access over 450 affordable custom built NinjaTrader Indicators for any Futures and Forex market you trade.  Each indicator is plug and profit ready. With step-by-step videos on how to get up and trading fast. As well as a our #1 best strategy for landing more winners with it, more often. 

The revolutionary new way to unlock more consistent winners, your way every day. With 72 of our most powerful, proven entry signals. And LIVE weekly signal trading and learning.  To help you become the successful day trader you’ve always wanted to be, faster than you ever thought possible. 

Why Do Over 50,000 Licensed NinjaTrader® Users Trust

Our Indicators To Find More Winners More Often?

  • Over 450 mistake-proof NinjaTrader Indicators & automated trading edges
  • Same Day Human Customer Service
  • No Hidden Fees
  • One payment for everything, then own it for life
  • Free Upgrades for Life
  • “Love it Replace it”, 100% Risk Free Peace of Mind Guarantee

Get Started With These Free NinjaTrader®

Indicator & Low Cost Day Trading Resources

Indicator of the Month Club

Your chance to put our NinjaTrader Indicators to the test. For Free!  Each month we’ll send you one of our best pro-grade indicators.  As well as our best trading strategy to cash in as soon as your next session.  And a host of other remarkable members only benefits. A $1,644 a year value!

Free eBooks & Jumpstart Classes

We’ve literally written the book on some of the most uniquely powerful futures day trading strategies today.  Now, you can download as many as you want, as well as our wildly popular jumpstart classes for free. With bonus videos show you exactly what free and paid indicators you can cash in on them right away.

Explore “Pay What You Want” Classes

Want to learn how to day trade futures, but don’t have months to learn, or thousands to pay for a trading room?  No problem! Now you can learn exactly what you want about day trading in any futures market: in just 90 minutes or less. Best part?  You only pay what you want for the class. 

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